Jack Ochoa for Our Community Proving a Hand Up
Jack Ochoa for Our Community          Proving a Hand Up

Jack Ochoa for Our Community

I have one overarching ambition - to serve the people of our communities, represent the interest of those that want an opportunity to make a difference and want a voice to carry their message through the government and political process.


As a parent of two teenagers and a mentor to many professionals, I believe that getting a well rounded education can help our community be vibrant and full of life.  As an advocate and product of public schools, I have enjoyed the opportunity to go to a junior college prior to attending a university. I was fortunate enough to have the benefit of good teachers and supportive parents.


As a Leader and advocate in the Small Business Community, I would like to transfer the knowledge I have gained over the last 20 years to help small business break through the glass ceiling and grow to help grow employment opportunities for the community where they can directly have an impact.


With over 10 years of Public Safety experience and over 20 years for working in the government sector, I would like to expand my reach in helping agencies work together, share resources & expertise and create a safety focused community that will help reduce accidents and reduce crime.


The long term plan is to work together with our youth and future Leaders by providing them a pathway to lead small projects that can help prepare them to team up with other Leaders of our community to take on a major project that can impact Education, Small Business and Public Safety.


I look forward to working with you and eager to serve our community, 


Jack Ochoa



Jack Ochoa

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